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Hallo Zafran and Uplos builders,

great thanks for your work.

finally could upgrade Firefox browser and overcome HTML5 youtube error.

This old pc with Linux PcLinuxos OS - KDE4.9.2 and Firefox browser is still faster then the Firefox browser on my Asus 300TPL laptop and Win8 .

CPU~Dual core Intel Core2 6300 (-MCP-) speed~1862 MHz (max) Kernel~3.2.18-pclos2.bfs i686 Up~49 min Mem~584.6/1999.5MB HDD~500.1GB(6.1% used) Procs~132 Client~Shell inxi~2.2.21

Greetings and thanks

P.S: used a thread to thank you all. I apologize if this is the wrong way.

Firefox version are you using now? Do you switch to uplos's repo or you downloaded only firefox package?
P.s. I like your nick name :-)
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