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Some trouble
16-12-2018, 00:01
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Some trouble
https://lkml.org/lkml/2018/12/10/1151 and a good post for italian here
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16-12-2018, 21:30 (Questo messaggio è stato modificato l'ultima volta il: 16-12-2018 22:08 da tele.)
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RE: Some trouble
About second link. I believe that this opinion does not reflect the whole problem.
Citazione:Prima di tutto occorrerebbe concentrare gli sforzi su poche, selezionate, distribuzioni, possibilmente supportate da aziende credibili come Ubuntu o Redhat.
And he has too little knowledge. For example
- why it is impossible
- why diversity is sometimes beautiful
- ...
But I agree with diversity divides people.
For example
I don't I have nothing against creating a better init, but systemd breaks the accepted rules and divides people.
Is there a problem? Not if both parties can use and develop their software without problems.
With systemd the problem is, because it requires a separate repository for systemd. And not everyone may or can do it.
Who cares if you can use systemd or not ?
Who cares if an administrator needs to know several operating systems or a dozen programs which do the same ?
Who cares if you not bought computer with Linux or Linux support ?
Who cares why Linux / kernel don't have list supported devices ?
I agree that people who want something, usually get it.

However from source code kernel exist way read module info ( modinfo )
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