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Hello visitors - zafran - 19-06-2016 19:57

Welcome in the forum dedicated to pclinuxos 32bit maintainment.
If you like to give a hand to the project, please subscribe and write to the administrator in order to access the developers' section

Please have also a sight over here
and get an iso from

RE: Hello visitors - tele - 19-06-2016 20:25

About Forum.
1. This forum is available in the English language,
you have this switch on the bottom left.

2. All sections are visible after appropriate login; ask the administrator for access the development section

3. We are people who have decided to try to continue development PCLinuxOS 32bit under similar name, UPLOS.
Official PCLinuxOS 32bit has ended. (,137448.0.html )
Any attempt write about 32bit on may be removed.

UPLOS in assumption will
- the same as PCLinuxOS 64bit, but 32bit.
- the name from PCLinuxOS to UPLOS was changed deliberately, in order to avoid misunderstandings.

About General Forum Section.
It's for people who have questions or need help , have bugs with 32 bit software and repository,
or who want share own live-cd 32bit.

About Test Forum Section.
It's created only for reporting a damaged packages,
and reporting working apps from test section repository.

About Development Forum Section.
It's for people who want help: build 32bit packages, own repository, test packages, or by other means help.

Good luck !

Link to topic how setup repository:

- 20.10.2018 removed broken link