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Policy system release files.
14-02-2019, 12:36 (Questo messaggio è stato modificato l'ultima volta il: 19-02-2019 22:52 da tele.)
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Policy system release files.
1. How find system release: https://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/find-linux...on-number/

2. Files.
File " /etc/lsb-release " this is part of Linux Standard Base
and this is also part of lsb-release package which is outside.
Linux distributions gave it to the outside, to quickly change versions
without rebuilding the source code.

File " /etc/os-release " is part of Systemd and we don't have this file,
because we don't provide Systemd. https://www.freedesktop.org/software/sys...lease.html
Please do not create this file and not use it.
What should I say ?
We have such a file, but we do not have Systemd ?
No no, this is stupid, it's better to delete this file.
Developers of Systemd should fix this problem and move outside to a separate package / section.

File " /etc/uplos-release " this file is created old way like
pclinuxos-release, mandriva-release, mandrake-release
and this file is created for fix old packages fast way.
We have packages in the repository from PCLinuxOS, Mandriva, maybe from Mandrake, OpenSuse, Fedora, Debian.
They used this method.
So package from other distribution may search for their own file, which does not exist.
This is stupid.
So several linux distributions trying add link to own release file.
This is an artificial prosthesis which does not always have to work.

When I tried rebuild part of the packages to UPLOS http://www.liberainformatica.it/forum/sh...hp?tid=543
I tried removed not needed links http://www.liberainformatica.it/forum/sh...hp?tid=488
Why ?
Because sometimes source code do not contain information from /etc/*name-release
but it has written directly. So I used "sed" for fix package fast way.
Therefore, for some system packages, developers must pay particular attention.
If you rebuild package, please use " sed " command only from .spec file.

You can read also http://linuxmafia.com/faq/Admin/release-files.html

3. Conclusions.
If you are developer or user and you need use " release " file,
if you can, please use " /etc/lsb-release " file only.
File " /etc/uplos-release " exist only for old packages.

19.02.2019 fixed first link
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