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La minaccia per Mac Os
07-07-2017, 16:22 (Questo messaggio è stato modificato l'ultima volta il: 07-07-2017 16:29 da Filius707.)
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La minaccia per Mac Os
The threat comes from the virus, viz. MegaBackup exemplifies misleading software that attempts to convince Mac users to purchase the license under false pretenses. Its graphical user interface deceitfully states that thousands of files are unprotected and recommends urgent backup in order to allegedly secure data from “potential system crash, accidental file deletion or hard drive damage”. Under this entire aura of good intensions, though, there lurks a ruse that not everyone can discern. To start with, this application hardly ever uses conventional installation methods – instead, it gets into systems as a component of bundled setups where the inclusion of the extra item is covert. This is exactly why most users suffering from the adverse consequences of this attack cannot recall allowing MegaBackup to get into their Macs.

MegaBackup also generates tons of warning notifications that try to frighten the user into believing that resorting to the app’s services is a must. These alerts emphasize the volume of personal information that’s purportedly at risk, stating that loads of photos, documents, music files, desktop items and downloads can be completely obliterated in case something goes wrong with the hardware. The popups get too nagging to endure over time, so MegaBackup removal gets on every infected person’s agenda at the end of the day.
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