New installation
No particular warnings are necessary about installation: usually the hardware is regularly detected and the right modules automatically selected.
In any case, since the isos have been made starting from different systems, please let us know eventual difficulties in our section of the forum.

Please note that Uplos perfectly supports grub-legacy that is much more simple to be managed than the more complicated grub2.
For this reason please consider also the possibility to install grub-legacy in the partition first sector and reach it with a chainload from a grub2 already present in the computer.

Transforming from PCLinuxOS
If you already have a 32bit PCLinuxOS, you can upgrade it to Uplos simply changing the repo by synaptic or editing /etc/apt/sources.list and inserting:
Distribution : uplos/32bit
Sections : kde4 kde5 nonfree xfce4 updates
and remove every other pclinuxos reference

Adding Trinity repo
Trinity is actually the old Kde3.5, probably the best Desktop Environment ever supplied, kept alive by a team different than Kde itself.
Add its repo aside the one of Uplos itself inserting:
Distribution : trinity-r14/RPMS
Sections : i586 noarch