Here is the list of the available isos and of the referring README containing md5sum and other details.
As it’s easy to understand , each filename contains Year, Month, default language and default environment.
All the isos can be booted for a live system or to directly install from.
The install process can be started also from the live system selecting “Install Uplos” from the menu or from the desktop icon if present.

Please note that a localization (eg. ITA for Italian) doesn’t replace the native english language but adds a second language to the default english that remains selectable as well.
All the other languages are also available after install

uplos-2017.01_ITA_Trinity.iso – 1,90 Gb

uplos-2017.02_ITA_Xfce.iso – 1,60 Gb

uplos-2017.02_ENG_Xfce.iso – 1,60 Gb

uplos-2017.03_ENG_Mate.iso – 1,10 Gb

uplos-2017.03_ENG_Lxde.iso – 0,90 Gb

uplos-2017.10_ENG_Mate.iso – 1,03 Gb