Following to the end of the 32bit version of PCLinuxOS, a consistent number of users have lost an important possibility to keep their machines on work.
Old hardware often doesn’t support 64bit, often cannot face a complete reinstallation for any reason, surely a 64bit system is heavier than the correspondent 32bit.

Therefore, once acknowledged what was going to happen, a (very, very) small group of alleged developers started the present project in order to maintain alive that distro.
They had to save the last updated repo, to improve what happened thereafter in the 64bit version and to recompile that in 32bit.
So said it doesn’t look hard but when recompiling is made on several hundreds of packages by 2 or 3 persons of goodwill, it becomes a considerable job.

A job that doesn’t finish because a very strenght of PCLinuxOS is in being a rolling distribution and Uplos aspires as well to be ever on progress.

Since we have a special consideration for old hardware, Uplos started with the lightest DEs (Trinity, Xfce, Mate, Lxde) but ready made isos are foreseen even with Kde4 and Kde5 since their packages are already present in the repo.

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